Roses are red.....

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Roses are red …..”   Yes they are, but they are also yellow, pink, orange, white, purple – the list goes on. In fact, there are thousands of different varieties, which is no surprise considering roses are known to have flourished 35 million years ago!

Roses are ancient symbols of love. The number and colour of each rose has its own meaning. The most popular for Valentine’s Day is either a single red rose or a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Red, however, is not the only colour, as a lilac rose is also very romantic.

The red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and has long been associated with romance. Many romantic poems mention a red rose – Robert Burns – “my love is like a red, red rose …..”. The single red rose signifies love and devotion to a single person. However, the traditional number to give on Valentine’s Day is a dozen red roses. The reason being it represents love for the following twelve months.

rose-428881_640The rarer lilac or lavender rose signifies enchantment and love at first sight.
Presenting roses on Valentine’s Day symbolises love and romance, but why is Valentine’s Day the day to celebrate love?

The UK has celebrated Valentine’s Day for thousands of years. It probably originates from a pagan fertility festival in pre-Roman times. The Roman festival, Lupercalia, took place in the middle of February to celebrate the beginning of Spring. There were a range of fertility and marriage rites associated with this festival. As the Roman Empire gradually became more Christian, the festival of Lupercalia became a day of remembrance for St Valentine.

It is claimed Valentine’s Day was first associated with romance in the 14th Century when Geoffrey Chaucer mentions Valentine’s Day in his love poem. During this medieval time the tradition of courtly love flourished. In 18th Century England it evolved into an occasion where lovers gave each other presents, such as flowers, cards or confectionery to express their love for each other. These gifts became known as “valentines”.

DSC_0037Lunar Lotions has concentrated on producing rose-shaped and heart-shaped soaps that can be given as gifts for Valentine’s Day.

The rose-shaped soap is either red in colour with a rose and geranium fragrance or a pale lilac colour perfumed by using a jasmine fragrance oil. Both of these soaps have delicate, romantic, floral aromas.

The heart-shaped soaps have a lighter fruity combination of strawberry and raspberry fragrance oils. These soaps are available either as a large single heart or guest soap size in packs of six or twelve.

Now, in the 21st Century, Valentine’s Day is a huge commercial business. Apart from the traditional flowers and cards, many other gifts are given. The heart has become a very popular symbol of love and this can be found in jewellery, items of clothing, chocolates or cuddly toys holding a heart.

Keep romance alive on Valentine’s Day by giving your loved one a gift that has wonderful aromas, lasts a long time and will make them think of you each time it is being used.